I. Seud-Leading Expert of Online Game Exchange in China

II. Surf Quick App—Main Product of Boundless Creation

III. DPEP—Milestone Work of Boundless Creation

Introduction about Hunan Seud Network Science &Technology Co., Ltd

II. Surf Quick App—Main Product of Boundless Creation

II. Surf Quick App—Main Product ofBoundless Creation

Hunan Seud Network Science & Technology Co., Ltd (Seud in brief) is a supplier dedicated in game exchange platform service and a leading expert of online game exchange in China. Established in 2013 and located in Changsha, it also has branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong respectively. At present, its whole staff is over 100. The founding team of Seud has been dedicated in the business of game exchange for more than 10 years.

Seud Game Exchange Platform has covered hundreds of millions of game users by its exclusive C2B2B2C transaction mode. At present, it has more than ten thousand trade categories, including games in all dominant terminals, mobile games, web games charging, game exchange and so on. Meanwhile, it offers sales solutions for digital products on platforms such as Taobao, B2C shopping mall, Wechat, mobile phone app, etc. At present, the annual transaction order processing capacity of Seud Game Exchange Platform is over 1 billion items.

In 2014, Hunan Seud and Shanghai Youzu Network (SZ.002174) jointly founded Hunan Boundless Creation Mobile Internet Science & Technology Co., Ltd (Boundless Creation in brief). Surf Quick, a tool for free Internet access, was launched on line in February 2015 and has attracted more than 90 million users by far. The main orientation of Surf Quick is to offer value-added service for online game exchange users and as the main source of traffic import for the first Digital Equity Transaction Platform of China.

In August 2015, aiming at current problems in the online exchange industry, Boundless Creation combining with Inner Mongolia Cultural Property Right Exchange launched the first Digital Equity Transaction Platform with the approval from the joint conference of China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee, China Ministry of Culture, People's Bank of China, State Administration of Commerce and Industry, China's Ministry of Commerce, State Administration of News Publishing and Radio. The digital Equity Transaction Platform provides a formal exchange platform for online games, literature, animation, film and television, etc of the whole IP industry chain and adds diversified exchange channels and financing methods for well-known IP. As the party of exclusive technology support and market promotion, Boundless Creation, under the guide from Inner Mongolia Cultural Property Right Exchange, provides service support of the whole exchange procedure for IP owners, IP developers and IP users. It embodies the start of standardization in the whole online game transaction industry and the digital property will be one of financial exchange products. Meanwhile, it indicates that the online game exchange industry of 10 billion market scale will be melted into the financial market of one trillion market scale.

In September 2015, Seud has started the mergence with Boundless Creation, which will expand its business range from the pure online game exchange to the digital property exchange including IP, equity of digital product, property of digital product, and so on, striving to build the biggest Digital Equity Transaction Platform in China.