Digital Equity Transaction Platform

Creating A Historic Milestone

Cooperating with Inner Mongolia Cultural Property Right Exchange and approved by the government, Boundless Creation has established the first Internet Equity Transaction Platform  since July 2015. “5 per 10,000 stamp tax, exchanging free, complet process of assets verification, and shared benefits with game developers and exchanging channels", all of which are the most important characteristic of the Digital Equity Transaction Platform. With the help of this platform, the future of virtual transaction will be bright and standardized.

Regulate the Online Game Market

Pay taxes based on law

Conform to lawfulness and compliance

Reduce the deal cost greatly and increase the gross profit

Push the income to be transparent

We aim to be the most influential one in the game trading system by establishing 10-billion-scale virtual transaction platform in two years.

Game account, props and equipment, game coins, virtual commemorative coins and so on are the common Internet equity transaction products. It is conservatively estimated that the scale of the Internet Equity Transaction Market is about one trillion Yuan. Among them, the scale of the most representative Online Game Business Market reached to 40 billion RMB in 2014.

2014 China Game Industrial Report released by GPC shows user number of China Game Market in 2014 reach to 517 million and the actual sales earning of game market is up to 11.448 billion RMB. The fast development of game market has driven the development of virtual business of the game aftermarket. The market share of China Game Virtual Transaction has reached to 40 billion RMB in 2014.

At present, 80% online game transaction is carried out in China, while the transaction course cannot get the support from the game developers because of C2C, the traditional online game virtual transaction mode. Most buyers can not make sure the source of goods, which is easy to result in controversies. Meanwhile, in the transaction procedures of numerous platforms, the consignment of game equipment and props is by manual, which will bring complex operations, bulky customer service system and high labor cost. Companies which participate in the online game virtual transaction are difficult to offer the tax receipt of upstream cost, which will disable the accounting of cost, earnings,profit, etc. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of related companies will be in gray status, which is not good for the standardization of the whole online game transaction market.